02 Jan


Welcome to the DE Sports site. Our chief aim is to provide objective analysis of selected sports data and betting markets to people who share the same interest in these areas as ourselves. We now live in the era of the ‘stat’ and never before has the sports follower had access to so much data. But quantity has never guaranteed quality and numbers are meaningless without context. There remains the danger that the raft of information available will be largely ignored unless it is filtered for its significance and relevancy. We don’t doubt that people are well able to do their own analysis but the value of time is becoming ever more precious and it is only natural that objectivity suffers with  increased time constraints.

We have focussed on a selected number of sports niches to reflect our own knowledge and experience. Namely these are top level football and horse racing. Both have their own ardent followings and a degree of overlap between the two camps. It is assumed that our site users already have a sound understanding of the respective sports. As a result we have absolutely no intention of trying to pontificate to those that already know what they are doing. We are only aiming to give them more of what they already have and that which they would probably obtain only given the time.

A good proportion of the football recommendations have been and are likely to be at short odds. Football multiples betting is still hugely popular but maintaining objectivity in the pursuit of the big payout tends to be the biggest obstacle to success. The chances of long term profit surely increase if the level of analysis is maintained and doubly so if bets of acceptable value can be found. Value has been the watch word in betting of late but its analysis has largely been subjective. We have endeavoured to break down prices numerically where we can, in order to discern where the best and more commonly where the least worst value lies. The inclusion of the horse racing news stems from the fact that we regularly attend race meetings and some of the undocumented information is just too good to waste.

So, it may be asked, ‘what’s in it for those guys running this site?’ Immediately, the benefit of articulating opinions in text is that it aids focus on the relevant information and brings about sounder conclusions. The punting improves also. In the longer term, we have some exciting projects currently in development in the area of filtering sports data and see the website as the launchpad for such a venture.

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