3 favourite goals of 2012/13.

10 Aug
August 10, 2013

There were plenty of spectacular goals scored throughout last season, many of which were seriously profitable for the author but for sheer intrigue and viewer pleasure I´ve compiled an entirely subjective top three.


Ronaldo vs. Manchester United. In order to perform a full disclosure I have to reveal that this goal was a good money-maker at the time and the only goal of the three to be such. There was plenty to admire in the period after Nani had been dismissed up to this winning goal. Rightly or wrongly Nani was asked to leave the field but what was incontestable was the readiness of Mourinho´s response to the situation. The new Chelsea manager routinely rehearses his squad for such scenarios and more of the same can be expected in the coming season. I would not hesitate to back Chelsea at a future date where they find themselves with a numerical advantage on the field. Many interesting lines have been written about Higuain during the close season prior to his transfer to Napoli. The quality of the ball he delivered to Ronaldo for the winner at Old Trafford was sublime and did much to dispell the notion of the Argentine lacking dimensions to his play. Ronaldo gave the cross the finish it deserved but it was Higuain who merited the praise.


Michu vs.Bradford City. Recent debate has centred around where best a forward should aim for at goal to maximise his chances of scoring and whether even if players are consciously picking their spots. Michu´s goal in the League Cup final capped a fluid Swansea attacking move in fitting style. Before receiving the ball in the penalty box, the Spanish forward can be clearly seen to be looking up to take a peek at the far post area. Once in possession of the ball Michu used his marker to screen the ball from the goalkeeper before shooting between his hapless pursurer´s legs and into the far side of the goal. If forwards seem at times not to care for accuracy, it cannot be said for all of them, especially the elite. Looking at some of the pre-season betting it appears that Michu and Swansea are yet to convince everyone and that second season syndrome will kick in. It is our view that 66-1 on Michu to be the division´s top scorer is far too big a price considering that a place bet pays down to fourth place and that the Spaniard was amongst the very best in the league for converting shots into goals. Subjectively, every time the ball is with Michu it looks as if a chance is going to be fashioned. There is less danger of him being ´worked out´ in his second season because he is so tremendously powerful. You can try and mark him but it´s unlikely to make any difference!


Lennon vs. Arsenal. At the time Tottenham´s winning goal against Arsenal was immensely important even if ultimately the effort was in vain in the context of Spurs´ Champions´ League ambitions. Tottenham´s opening goal, scored by Gareth Bale, saw the Welshman spring Arsenal´s offside trap before finishing past Szczensy. Within two minutes Spurs were building a similar shape of attack before bluffing their way past the Arsenal backline. The defence were convinced that Bale again would be the runner and when Spurs´ leading scorer checked his run, Arsenal remained stationary assuming that there would be no danger forthcoming. Lennon was then able to run unopposed through on goal to give Tottenham a decisive lead. For pure subtlety it was a goal to be applauded in any context, let alone in a division where power is so prized.

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